My weight loss struggle

((My feature photo is all of us a some point in our lives lolol))

Hello lovelies, here I am again with another serious topic. I hope I don’t depress y’all too much but I gotta get this stuff off my mind.

Basically since the dawn of time I have struggled with my weight. I can remember clearly being younger, around 7 or 8 and wondering why oh why I was bigger than the other girls. Even though from about age 6 to 10 years old I was always active because I would do kickboxing 7 times a week in the evening, twice on a Saturday AND I would train at home. I was super fit and flexible but yet still chubby.


Age 11 and chubby af

When I stopped kickboxing I started to lose control of my weight. I would fluctuate as I would diet and exercise, but in the end I felt like I would go up a stone for every year. I took a halt at the 14 stone range and was fluctuating in the 14 stone range.

I even got down to 13 stone last year, until this year when I was hit with horrible anxiety and depression. I hit the dreaded 15. I can still remember the day it happened and I had a complete and utter meltdown cause I didn’t understand how’d let myself get like this.

I’ve been so worried about my health and developing diabetes at such a young age. I notice so many negative differences in myself like having not a slither of self-confidence, back pains, feet pains from standing too long, knee pains, breathlessness. It all makes me feel like utter sh*t and I want to change more than anything.


Recently, I’ve been doing some at home Pinterest workouts; just to start off small, because whenever I charge too fast into it I always fall, and end up failing. I also have even been stretching every evening AND I’M DETERMINED TO BE ABLE TO DO THE SPLITS AGAIN.

Today, I actually worked my arms to build up strength so I can start incorporating yoga into my life, because I do really like it and think it’s so beneficial for your body.

As for diet, giiiiiiirl…

This is where I fall because I literally hate every vegetable under the sun apart from sweetcorn. I’m not just some fussy kid either who would rather eat candy all day, I genuinely hate vegetables and my approach to this diet will be to go protein mad and supplement myself with vitamins and minerals so I’m not losing out cause I’m eating so little vegetables.


Me last year when I had actually lost weight but still manage to look humongous

ANYWAYS that is a little bit about my weight struggle. I haven’t gone into a lot of detail about how its affected me emotionally through the years as I’m going to talk about that more in an upcoming post!

I hope that regardless of your situation you all feel gorgeous today and know that you can change your life, if that is what you wish, and there is so much support out there including from me. If one  persons support is all you need to get through, then I’m happy to chat with anyone and be that support.

Love you all

Lauren xo


2 thoughts on “My weight loss struggle

  1. kristinakoti says:

    You are beautiful Lauren, and it’s not just a weight struggle believe, it’s your daily struggle to become a better version of yourself, that’s how I see it. That’s how I see all my efforts, or others’ be it emotional, physical, intellectual. It’s hard, of course it is but that’s why your achievements even when small are so important and actually mean so much.
    I wish you a very nice day 🙂 beautiful.

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