Hey guys, Lauren here.

Its been a long time and I have no excuses other then I tend to dislike the Christmas period and I’m miserable. Saying that I am very grateful for my Christmas Day and all the gifts I received.

So we have ridden through the sh*tstorm that was 2016, although good things did happen we just never hear about those right? Oh well I’m basically writing today because I knew I couldn’t put this off forever. I do apologise to those who read my stuff, I swear I haven’t fallen off the planet…yet.

It is 2017 and I’m sure many of you are wanting to change “New year, new me” and all. I like to say new year, better me because you dont change you just improve. I hope to improve this year, but little by little. I believe it’s the small moments that help you improve as a person. Laughing,complimenting,uplifting,supporting and just general spreading of kindness helps us all to improve as people.

2016 was the lowest I ever want to be, so I would like to thank it for it’s lesson and teaching me that this is not a life I want.

As for 2017. I’m ready.



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